Vietnamese Ministries and Quang Ngai Leaders come together to avert import crisis

Over the past several weeks marathon negotiations involving the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the General Customs Department and leaders of the Quang Ngai Provincial Peoples Committee have been meeting in support of Doosan Vina. 


At issue was an import regulation on machinery that would be in Vietnam for a short period of time. Had the matter not been resolved production at Doosan Vina may have been curtailed and completion of projects like the 4,500 ton Desalination Evaporators for Yanbu 3 could have been delayed.


Ryu Hang Ha, Senior Vice President of Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction Korea and CEO of Doosan Vina said, “As an FDI we’ve been very fortunate to have always had a good relationship with, and support from both the national and the local governments in Vietnam; this latest situation is an example of the length that Vietnamese authorities go to in support of FDI in Vietnam.  We are extremely grateful for all that was done by everyone to avert this potentially costly situation.”

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