HP Logistics - Customs clearance service international border gate

HP Logistics has over 10 years of experience in the field of Logistics in Vietnam. With a team of professional staff, we understand our customers’ problems and are experienced in customs clearance for many different types of items.

HP Logistics is confident with Customs clearance service international border gate.

HP Logistics is confident with Customs clearance service international border gate, businesses only need to provide complete documents and documents …the rest from customs clearance, taking goods, transporting, checking at the border …. is the mission of HP Logistics.

HP Logistics has a good relationship with Customs, frequently contacting and working with Customs => The clearance of goods will become easier and faster, and the cost is cheaper.

Package customs service.

One-stop customs service is a customs clearance service in which HP Logistics represents customers to carry out all work related to end-to-end import / export shipments with all other stakeholders, and make full payment. expenses incurred (including expenses for import and export tax as agreed upon).

Customs services are one of HP Logistics’ strengths. We provide our services with the following criteria: fastest, reasonable price, most professional

Why should businesses use HP Logistics - Customs clearance service international border gate?

The selection and use of a professional and reputable Customs service will bring a lot of benefits for enterprises engaged in exporting and importing international commercial goods.

♦ Cost savings: using Customs services will save a lot of costs for businesses because they do not have to pay salaries and allowances for employees, not expensive stationery costs …

♦ Customs forwarding service company has experience in the field of customs declaration and customs clearance.

♦ Speed ​​of processing customs clearance procedures will be faster than enterprises do it themselves.

♦ The forwarding service companies have a good relationship with the Customs, because they regularly contact and work with the Customs => The customs clearance will become easier and faster, the cost is cheaper.

HP Logistics - Customs clearance service international border gate

♦ HP Logistics – Customs clearance service international border gate include shipping, opening declarations, checking goods, and delivering through border gates.

♦ Electronic customs services, data transmission of electronic customs declarations at ports in HCMC, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Quy Nhon,….

♦ Customs clearance services for goods traded, processed, manufactured for export (sxxk), non-commercial goods, temporarily imported for re-export, temporarily exported for re-import, exported goods, exported goods, …

♦ Customs services for on-spot import and export goods in industrial zones, export processing zones, …

♦ Apply for import permit, phytosanitary, animal quarantine, sterilization,

♦ Food product publication and cosmetic announcement service …

♦ Declaration of imported chemicals, regulation conformity services and product conformity announcement.

♦ Predetermined taxes payable.

♦ Classification of goods and predetermined HS code of the goods.

♦ Apply for an export / import license for special items.

♦ Customs procedures for goods temporarily imported for re-export or temporarily exported for re-import.

♦ Customs procedures for goods imported and exported in bonded warehouses.

♦ Customs clearance for goods in transit.

♦ Customs clearance for dangerous goods (Dangerous Goods).

♦ Customs service tax refund due to overpayment, overpayment, cancellation of Customs declaration.

♦ Services applying for C / O forms: Form A, Form B, Form D, Form E, Form AANZ, form AK, Form AJ, …

Common cost types of a shipment:

1. Cost of Port, Airport:

♦ Container lifting fee at the port.

♦ Fee for payment and withdrawal of goods at the port.

♦ Fee for moving containers to inspection yards, specialized sampling yards.

♦ Fees for loading and unloading goods at the warehouse for retail goods.

♦ Charges for service at the airport for air cargo.

2. Costs with carriers, agents:

♦ B / L issue fee for exported goods.

♦ Fee for receiving D / O delivery orders for imported goods.

♦ Other fees for whole container cargo: THC, EBS, CIC, Seal, Telex release, …

♦ Other fees for retail goods: THC, CFS, CIC, EBS, BAF, Labor fee, Handling fee, …

3. Domestic transportation and delivery costs:

♦ Fee for transporting goods from the Port / Airport to the customer warehouse or vice versa.

4. Fees and charges of specialized inspection agencies:

♦ Checking the quality of imported goods.

♦ Plant / animal quarantine.

♦ Checking food safety and hygiene imported.

♦ Check cultural products.

♦ Energy efficiency test.

♦ Certification of conformity, announcement of regulation conformity.

5. Import and export tax (if agreed).

6. Fees for loading and unloading goods at Customer's warehouse (if agreed).

In order to help customers have more options, HP Logistics also provides other logistics related services such as:

Why should businesses use HP Logistics - Customs clearance service international border gate?​

♦ HP Logistics has over 10 years of experience in the field of Logistics in Vietnam.

♦ Full-service customs clearance service from A-Z in Ho Chi Minh City.

♦ Fast customs declaration and customs clearance service, saving storage / yard costs.

♦ Consulting services, product policy and commodity codes (HS code) completely free of charge.

♦ Clear information, consulting services and the most reasonable price.

♦ Staff with high skills, professionalism and in-depth knowledge of logistics industry.

♦ Prestigious professional service, fast shipping time.

♦ HP Logistics has a global agent system and joins the agency network in WCA, AWS, JCtrans,….

♦ Container tractor trucks at 02 branches of Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh with the number of up to 20 tractors will bring the initiative in transit time, ensure services and reasonable rates for customers.

♦ Providing international shipping services by air combined with related package services such as:

Ocean freight services

Customs Clearance Service international border gate

Air freight services

North-south inland transportation service

Shipping agency and network agent

Warehouse services, goods distribution

Ocean freight services

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